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Storage Maintenance


Ca-Ca maintenance-free flooded charged batteries and hybrid batteries can be stored for 6 and 3 months respectively. Batteries will be damaged if stored in discharged state. All batteries should be stored in a cool and dry location; for flooded batteries, separators (e.g. styropor) must be used if they are to be stacked. Battery surfaces should be clean.

Recharge requirement for calcium Ca-Ca flooded batteries:

• Once in every 6 months if average storage temperature is below 27 degrees (*)
• Once in every 3 months if average storage temperature is above 27 degrees (*)
• Battery needs to be recharged when its open circuit voltage drops to 12,4 volts. This method is alternative to methods 1 and 2.
• These periods are approximately ½ for hybrid flooded charged batteries.

ATTENTION: Do not allow acid spillage and temperature to exceed 52 degrees during recharging. If the temperature increases, lower the charge current and stop charging until the battery cools down. High charging temperature damages the battery.

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