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starterStarter Series Batteries are designed and developed for automotives and light commercial vehicles (LCV). These batteries implement the start up movement of the engine and provide power to all electric devices within the vehicle. They supply a high current power within a short time frame. Read more...

industrialFor industrial applications, Mutlu manufactures stationary and tractionary batteries using the latest technology, with varied physical and internal structure specifications. Read More...

  • 2 Year Guarantee v2

Welcome to Mutlu South Africa

Situated in the heart of the Western Cape. We supply Heavy Duty, Motorcycle and Car batteries.

Mutlu batteries are manufactured at the Tepeören facilities. Also at this plant, lead oxides such as red lead and litharge are produced –main raw materials used in crystal glass, paint and ceramics. Mutlu's recycling center for disposed batteries is located in Kütahya, Gediz.